Brad and I went to a Halloween Party on Saturday.  We had a blast!!!!!  Today Will and I didn't have school so we hung out.  I took him to the Lego Store in the Galleria so he could spend his birthday giftcard from the Wilsons.  We then had lunch at a really neat cafe (Empire Cafe).  Finally, I voted.  It was awesome to see the long line of Americans participating!  I am so thankful for my family.  My husband Brad is the most amazing husband...words cannot describe how thankful I am to have met him.  I am also so thankful for my kids.  They are sooooo wonderful.  Each is so special and unique. 

End of October and our House

October was a little slow with our house.  Two weeks of the month were devoted to inspections.  The other two weeks were devoted to electrical and plumbing.  Today they started the sheet rock!!!! We are sooooooo excited!!!!  Brad and I picked out the following pavers to have our back yard done in.  We are having the patio that is covered paved with this stone and then extended.  There will be a path way to a firepit that will built. 


Spicewood and a Family Weekend

We spent the weekend in Spicewood, TX.  We rented a house (Corrin, Dave, Tara, and Lance...and all of the kids).  We celebrated Allison and Abbey's brithdays.  The house was fantastic.  It was perfect for a large group.  We went to a pumpkin farm on Saturday.  The kids had a blast participating in different fall activities.  We visited the Spicewood Winery Saturday afternoon. 

Today we stopped by the house and there were bathtubs up stairs installed!!!!!!!!!!


We should have a roof tomorrow!!!!

We went to the house today and the shingles of the roof are on top of the roof ready to be nailed down!!! WHOOO WHOOO!!!  The plumbing is done and some of the electrical.  Brad and I took pictures of our backyard to figure the space out.  We are meeting the landscape guy on Friday:))))))