Birthday weekend

Last weekend we spent the weekend with family.  We went to Brad's parents house on Sunday where we celebrated Drew's birthday.  On Sunday, we went to Tom's house for a BBQ to celebrate Tom and Bethany's birthdays.  We also learned of some amazing news!!!!!!!

My twin sister Corrin and her husband are moving to Towne Lake!!!! They bought a house that is 1.5 miles from us!!!!! The kids are thrilled that they will be so close to their cousins!!!!! Finley and Charlotte will be in the same Mother's Day class! I seriously can't believe they are moving here!!!!!!! Life is good! God is good!!!!


Catholic Charity Gala

Brad and I love Catholic Charities because we think it does great things.  We went to their gala this weekend.  Both of our parents, Tom and Jen, and Corrin and Dave also went.  We stayed at the Hilton where it was held.  The kids stayed in the hotel room and watched movies.  

Busy busy busy

Sometimes I wish I could just have nothing planned!   I have been so busy!  I'm super super tired!  I am excited that i have been working out five days a week! I'm determined to get this weight off!  It is a hard and slow process but nothing in life worth having is easy.  The personal trainer that Corrin and I share is amazing.  Deborah is like a machine.  She will push you and push you.  She also says " you have to eat clean!!!!"  After working out on Monday, I went to my friend Jessica's house for lunch. She just had an emergency surgery to remove her appendix.  On Tuesday, I spent a few hours cleaning out my townhouse because our renters move in on Friday.  On Wednesday, Corrin and I met our friend Jenny for lunch.  Jenny works for HP so we ate near there.  My friend Tracy came over for a little while so her daughter Lucy and Charlotte could play. Wednesday night I went to a Towne Lake social meeting.  I am helping head up the safety event in June and the Happy Hour in October.  I then found out that Corrin and Dave have decided to move to Towne Lake!!! Whoo whoo!  Today I met Corrin and Lauren at the Children's Museum.  Lauren lives in Katy and her husband works with Brad.  She has a daughter that is Sophia's age and another one that is Charlotte's age.