Whoo whoo hubby's back!!!

This week has been long and great.  Brad went to Allison's violin concert on Monday night.  I brought Allison home on Tuesday and the weather was horrible.  Brad woke up at 430 am and went to Hobby airport. When he got there his flight was cancelled to Oklahoma.  He got booked on a 5:00 pm flight.  It took me about an hour and a half to get to Allison's house.  Charlotte and I stopped at a Kroger to get coffee and to take a break. On our way home, there was a tree in the road.  I had to backtrack and find a new way to get home.  I worked out hard Monday at the gym and pulled a Muscle in my back.  I wasn't going to work out Tuesday but Corrin called me aves said she burned 800 calories. Game on!!! I had curtains put up in my kitchen and then I hurried to the gym.  On Wednesday, I worked out and then went to a fun dinner/ play date at my friend Amy's house.  Amy made a fantastic dinner and the little girls played.  Charlotte loved the little playhouse and had fun with the girls.  I think this may end up being a birthday present!  Brad's flight got delayed.  I tried to face time him in the airport. Lol.  He got home at midnight and got up at 5:30 am to go to work!  Today I went and did a class at the gym called GRIT. They make you sign a waiver to take it. It is 30 minutes of craxy workout.  Crazy.  Did I say craxy?  .. and I made it!  I stopped a few times but I made it!!! I then drove to Katy where I am helping Corrin decorate her house.  We found the most fabulous chairs!!! The best part was when my hubby came home!  Life is just so much better when he is here:). Charlotte was all over the place!  She is walking a little (5-10 steps at a time!)

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