Fun day Monday!

I had a great time at mops today.  We made an Easter craft.  I also signed Charlotte up for Mothers Day Out in the fall.  She will go twice a week from 9:30 until 2:00.  Imagine all the things I can get done in that time!  Lol!  Brad and I are doing a few renovations to the house.  We had all the bedrooms and bathrooms painted.  I am getting curtains made for the kitchen and a few other things.  I love the new colors!!!!


First communion weekend

This weekend we drove to Breaux Bridge to celebrate Abigail and Olivia's first communion.


Spring Break

The kids have different spring breaks so we decided to take them to Sea World in San Antonio for the weekend. We had to leave early because Abbey, myself, and Corrin all threw up several times.  We think we got food poisoning from oysters!

Brad and I had a fun date night!  We took. A sushi making class!!  It was lots of fun!

I had my routine six month apt at MD Anderson and I am still looking good as far as my thyroid cancer goes (whooo whooo!)

Allison got purple rubber bands on her braces for Lent.

I love love love my family.  My husband and kids are the best.  What a wonderful life!  I still love staying at home.  I am busy every single day but it is a good busy (play dates, Mops, gym, kids activities, etc).