Baylor Stadium Opens

We were very blessed to be invited by our friend's Tom and Kristen to attend the opening Baylor game at the new stadium!  The stadium is gorgeous!  Tom's partner was in Europe so he let us use his loge level seats. It was a neat experience.  We had a guy who was assigned to us to bring us drinks and food! We were excited to see the brick I purchased for Brad in the new stadium. 

Brad and Brian's 40th

Brad turned the big 40. I asked him what he wanted to do to celebrate.  Of course he said "nothing."  I told him to choose between a fun trip somewhere or a party.  He chose a party but said only if it is family friendly and kids can be there.  The party was the celebration of Brad and his twin brother Brian's 40th.  I hired a fantastic musician to play live music (he was amazing), a balloon artist for the kids, and a photographer.  We had 110 people attend the party.  It was amazing. Brad's aunts and uncles flew in from Colorado, Idaho, and Wisconsin.  His brother Tom flew in from Africa. Tom got custom African shirts made for the birthday boys but the embroidery got lost in translation.  The embroidery said "70th birthday." I will never forget the memories of the wonderful celebration. 

First Day of School

I can't believe the new school year has started!  Will is a 7th grader at Anthony Middle and Allison is an 8th grader at Anthony.  Anthony is brand new and is about a half of a mike from the house.  Will and Allison can ride their bikes or take the bus.  Allison is very involved in Cross Country and has made a ton of friends.  In less than two weeks, she has gone to a new friend's birthday party and had three friends over to the house to make cross country t-shirts.  Will is involved in band and loves the new school.  He will start soccer in a few weeks.  Abbey is a 6th grader at Mitchell.  She plays the violin and soccer.  She also does gymnastics where she is very good.   Paige is a junior at Cy-Ranch.  This year she is doing track.  She says it is hard but she loves it.  Finally, our little caboose  Charlotte started Mothers Day Out.  When I pick her up, she is engrossed in a puppet story or a book. I think she loves socializing with the other kids (wonder where she got that trait.)