First Day of School

I can't believe the new school year has started!  Will is a 7th grader at Anthony Middle and Allison is an 8th grader at Anthony.  Anthony is brand new and is about a half of a mike from the house.  Will and Allison can ride their bikes or take the bus.  Allison is very involved in Cross Country and has made a ton of friends.  In less than two weeks, she has gone to a new friend's birthday party and had three friends over to the house to make cross country t-shirts.  Will is involved in band and loves the new school.  He will start soccer in a few weeks.  Abbey is a 6th grader at Mitchell.  She plays the violin and soccer.  She also does gymnastics where she is very good.   Paige is a junior at Cy-Ranch.  This year she is doing track.  She says it is hard but she loves it.  Finally, our little caboose  Charlotte started Mothers Day Out.  When I pick her up, she is engrossed in a puppet story or a book. I think she loves socializing with the other kids (wonder where she got that trait.)

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