It is cold!!!!

It has been so cold lately!  We are lucky, though, because people in Dallas have snow!!!!!!

Updates on the kids:
Paige:  The track season just started. Paige has been practicing so hard!  She qualified for three events (long jump and two relays) for her first meet.  

Allison:  Track has also started for Allison.  She just finished basketball and will be running a mile for track.

William:  Soccer season is in full gear.  Will loves to play soccer and his team has won a few games.

Abbey: is still excelling at gymnastics.  She can tumble.

Charlotte: Is into everything.  She is trying to construct sentences so sometimes we understand her and other times we are clueless. She is going through a stage where she literally throws herself on the floor when she doesn't get her way. Every morning when I get her out of her crib, I say "Good Morning Charlotte!"  This morning when I brought her to the kitchen, she saw Brad cooking breakfast.  She said "Morning daddy!"  

Towne Lake daddy daughter dance 

I was the lead chairperson for the Towne Lake Daddy Daughter Dance.  I had a blast planning it and Brad had a blast taking Charlotte, Abigail, and Madeline since Michelle was in town.  

Corrin won a Neiman Marcus fashion show for twenty. She invited family and friends.  It was a blast! 


Valentine's season

Life is good and God is so good!!!  On Monday I met my mommy friends for a Valentine Play date at the park.  On Tuesday, I had a group of ladies at my house helping me plan the Neighborhood Daddy/Daughter Dance. Will's soccer also started back up.  He loves it!  On Friday, Brad cooked filet steaks at home and we had our Valentine's dinner.  On Saturday, we met our friends at the Crawfish Barn for crawfish! It was Soooo good!  On Saturday night, we went to my friend Jen's house for burgers.  She lives on re lake so we enjoyed the lake and hanging out.  I am so thankful for my friends!  My friends Amy and Tracy came over this week and taught me how to use my embroidery machine!!!!! I got several cute dresses at Walmart to embroider for Charlotte.  I'm also learning how to applique!

Brad helping Dave hang a valance at Dave and Corrin's.

William received a medal for getting a number one (out of five) for his Trumpet competition.

Waiting in line to get Charlotte and Finley signed up for Mothers Day Out (There was a waiting list!)

Me before my colonoscopy and endoscopy. Lol
Cousins playing together on the shuffle board.