It is cold!!!!

It has been so cold lately!  We are lucky, though, because people in Dallas have snow!!!!!!

Updates on the kids:
Paige:  The track season just started. Paige has been practicing so hard!  She qualified for three events (long jump and two relays) for her first meet.  

Allison:  Track has also started for Allison.  She just finished basketball and will be running a mile for track.

William:  Soccer season is in full gear.  Will loves to play soccer and his team has won a few games.

Abbey: is still excelling at gymnastics.  She can tumble.

Charlotte: Is into everything.  She is trying to construct sentences so sometimes we understand her and other times we are clueless. She is going through a stage where she literally throws herself on the floor when she doesn't get her way. Every morning when I get her out of her crib, I say "Good Morning Charlotte!"  This morning when I brought her to the kitchen, she saw Brad cooking breakfast.  She said "Morning daddy!"  

Towne Lake daddy daughter dance 

I was the lead chairperson for the Towne Lake Daddy Daughter Dance.  I had a blast planning it and Brad had a blast taking Charlotte, Abigail, and Madeline since Michelle was in town.  

Corrin won a Neiman Marcus fashion show for twenty. She invited family and friends.  It was a blast! 

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