Shutters, earrings, and soccer parties

Life is sooo good. Brad and the kids gave me a birthday present today since Brad will be in Oklahoma tomorrow. Brad saw how often I wear the Pandora necklace he bought me for Christmas so he bought me earrings. They are neat because you can also put them on the necklace. He is so sweet because he tries to make me feel special. I still cannot believe that he is my husband. My shutters came in today! We will paint them dark brown this weekend and next week the people will install them. I am especially excited about the fake window! Tonight we had Will's soccer party. Will got most improved:) the kids did so well this season. I am including a picture of a house down the street that has a fake window. Life is so good and God is sooo good!



Brad's brother, Tom, is getting married to Jen this Thanksgiving. Our girls are in the wedding. We went last weekend to try on dresses ( Paige's will be black and Abbey and Allison's will be red). We ate at a Greek Restaurant called Yia Yia Mary's. yuuuum! After, we went to a festival in our neighborhood. It was cool because you could walk from our house. Allison even participated in a hula hoop contest!! Aren't my girls soooo beautiful! I just love my kids so much.

Life is really good!

I have decided to continue my blogging.  Really Corrin bullied me back into blogging but I know the kids will enjoy reading it when they are older.  This weekend was a great weekend!  Brad's family came into town and stayed with us.  Today, Brad and I volunteered at our church festival in the Mexican food stand.  It was lots of fun!  Here are some pictures of the kids and all of our bellies!