They put in the stairs and are working on putting in all of the fans and lights around the house:)


They are making Progress!

We came back from Thanksgiving at my parents and a lot of work had been completed on the house.  The cabinents are painted. The fireplace mantel is almost finished being installed.  The bathrooms have all been tiled (shower and floor).  The balcony from the gameroom has been tiled.  I am really excited about the tile in my stand up shower (the little tiles).  Life is good.  I go for an ultrasound tomorrow again.  I can't wait to see how much the baby has grown!


The brick on the front is finally done!!!!!!! They are almost done with the back!! Whoo Whoo!!!!!  We are suppose to be getting kitchen cabinents tomorrow:)))))))



I am SOOOOO happy it is Friday!  The workers are working hard on the house.  The carpenter said that we will get our cabinents on Wednesday!!!!!!  They are doing the molding and closet shelves today.  There is SOOOOO much trim in the house!!!!  I guess they will finish the brick next week.  It is starting to really feel like a home.  Brad went to the Woodlands tonight to play in Abbey's parents v.the girls game.  Tomorrow is Abbey's last soccer game for the season.  My husband is so awesome.  He has gone to every game (even when it is not his weekend and we live over an hour away).  Tomorrow he is taking me on a date:)))))


We are having a baby!!!!!

Brad and I are pregnant!!!!! We are thrilled!!!!  When I first met Brad, I told him that I wanted at least another baby.  He was completely happy with having four and felt that I was crazy.  I then agreed with him.  However, as time went by, I started to have baby fever.  Brad did not have baby fever.  One thing that most people probably don't know about Brad is how spiritual he is.  He is VERY spirtual.  He prays a lot to God, especially when he is torn about something.  One night this summer, Brad and I were hanging out on our apartment porch having a glass of wine and just talking.  We were just really enjoying hanging out together.  Out of the blue Brad said "I think I want to have another baby."  Apparently he had been praying a lot about it and he felt we should.  He said "we will never regret having a child but down the road, we will prbably regret it if we don't." I am due July 15th. 

Our house is coming along.  The drywall and texture our done in the house.  The carpenters were working today and installed most of the doors in the house.  I think they will probably do the molding on Thursday and Friday.  Maybe we will get cabinents next week:)  The brickers have been working hard.  I think they may be done Friday or Saturday.  The middle part of our house (the section above and below the front door will be stone (just like the bottom of the house).  I can't wait to see how it looks!!!  Life is good:)))  God is good:)))


We are getting Brick!!!!!

Today they started to brick the house!!!! WHOO WHOOO!!!!  They are also making progress inside of the house.  They finished the drywall and will probably texture it tomorrow:)))