Playroom, great date, and family fun

I seriously have the best family and best husband ever!  Brad does a great job making me feel loved.  Friday started with an intense workout with my personal trainer.  It was so hard but I was glad that I made it. We then went to a playdate at my friend Tracy's house.  She has an awesome pool that she heated for the playdate. Charlotte loved the pool!  I told Brad that we need a pool and a boat!  Lol!  Friday night we went on my birthday dinner date to Perry's. I transformed the media room into a playroom because Charlotte needs a "contained space." She is all over the place! We got a babysitter and she spent a lot lf time outside and in the new playroom.  On Saturday, my mops group had a garage sale so I went over to drop off some stuff.  I ended up getting a wagon for 10.00!!!  Score!  Brad (being the most fantastic dad ever) drove to the Woodlands to see Abbey play soccer and their violin concert.  He really is the best dad ever.  It was not his weekend with the girls but be drives over an hour each way all of the time because he loves them. He ended up taking Abbey back with us because she wanted to spend more time with us. Allison went to her grandmother's house.  Yesterday we went to a BBQ at my friend Nancy's new house.  Life is good and God is good!!!!


Easter weekend

We had a fun Easter weekend. We went to Brad's parent's.