Hitting the diet hard!

Day three and I have been eating very well and working out.  Corrin and I are determined to get this baby weight off for good!!! Twenty pounds to go!!!! We are sharing a personal trainer to get it off!!!!!!!! Ready to be skinny!!!! I completely hate working out and I love love love food and sweets.  People think that I don't have to work at my weight but that could not be further from the truth.  If I eat a brownie I gain a pound.  It is so hard. I know I can do it, though, because I did it after Will.  When I let Brad, I was 105.  I would love to be that again.  It just takes determination, hardwork, and patience.  Nothing worth having is easy.  

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The Wilcox's said...

dieting sucks...but we have to do it together so that we both don't fall off the wagon!