Mission trip!

I very excited about Paige going on a mission trip to Knoxville with our church. 56 of them will be spending the week working in the community. They will be going to Dollywood one of those days. I think it will be a huge life experience!


Freezer meals!

I decided that I needed to make some freezer meals for after the baby. I went to Barnes and Nobles and bought a Southern Living freezer meal cookbook. I decided to make 9 things and Corrin will make nine things. We will end up with 18 meals! We ate one of the meals tonight! I made two pizzas and Brad grilled them. They were amazing! One was Hawaiian pizza and the other was pepperoni! Soooooo good!!!!


Lazy summer

I have less than two more weeks and the weirdest (and greatest) thing is happening. My symptoms are starting to go away. My hands and feet are good, Charlotte has dropped lower so I can breath easier, and I am getting sleep most of the night. Today I picked up the girls. We are picking up Will from Robotics camp and headed to see Monsters Inc. Will had had a blast in Robotics camp. I am including a funny picture of Brad in the couch. I have been soooo HOT lately. I begged Brad to turn the AC lie so I could at least not be hot. He turned it to 72 and the house felt sooo good. He, on the other hand, was freezing. He also complained about our electricity bill being 80 more this month because of me. I don't care. When he gets pregnant, then I will listen to his complaints. Lol. My friend Nana sent Corrin and I the cutest gifts for our daughters. Love love love! I also ordered these stickers on etsy. You put them on a onesie and take a picture of the baby each month. They never had ANY if this cute stuff when I had my kids do I plan on taking full advantage!


Lazy Sunday

We are on the final countdown to having this baby. I have every pregnant symptom you can have. (Swollen fingers, feet, can't sleep at night, itchy body all over, severe heartburn, carpel tunnel, etc). I am READY!!!!! We walked to the lake and fished. None of us caught anything but it was a lot if fun and Lillly enjoyed the water!!!

Dinner party for Finley Katherine

Corrin is due August 14th. Brad and I decided to throw a dinner party with her closest friends ice they are a close knit group and go out to dinner to celebrate each others's babies. I loved the menu. For the appetizers, I made an anti pasta plate filled with olives, cheese, hummus, and salamis. I also made little toasts that had goat cheese and tomatoes (this was my favorite!). We had an Asian salad for the next course. For the main dish, Brad grilled shish kabobs and a potato casserole. We ended the meal with Paula Dean's Not Yo Mommas Banana Pudding . It turned out to be a great night!!!!


Hard work and fun!

When we lived in the apartment, I came home one day with an old door from the habitat for humanity shop. I told Brad I wanted a table made!!! We finally finished the table today!!!! We tried to repurpose things. The legs are from barstools that my tenants left in my townhouse when they moved out. We just painted them bright red.


Abbey at camp

This summer I am so thankful for my iPhone calendar. The four kids have very busy schedules! Paige is going to two church camps and cheerleading camp. Will is going to robotics camp next week and another camp in July. Abbey and Allison are going to the church camp they go every year to. This year, though, they see going at different times because Allison 's is in am older group. Here is a picture of Abbey at camp. Abbey's old soccer coach sent it to Brad today since his daughter us in the picture.


Best father EVER!!!

Today was Father's Day. I am soooo lucky to be married to the best father ever. God literally let me win the jackpot! I love him so much! I am also so lucky to have any amazing dad. He has put up with a lot of stresses from his girls:))). I love my dad so much. My father in law Tim is soooo nice. He is such a good man. He has always treated me so well and I am thankful that he is in my life. Before we left for Florida, I bought a really nice Nikon camera. I gave it to Brad and said "happy Father's Day!" He is very careful about what he buys but was SUPER excited abut the camera. We are both tired of going to the kid's programs and using our iPhones to take pictures. In Florida, I also bought Brad a shirt and a contraption to grill pizzas on the grill. When we got back from our vacation, Brad bought himself a Father's Day gift, a basketball goal. Allison is going to try out for the 7th grade basketball team and the kids love to play. I have a dr appointment tomorrow. I will be 36 weeks!



Today is our last day at the beach. It has been a great vacation! I am ready to get back home and for Charlotte to be here. Life is good! God is good!