A beautiful Monday

Today I started to feel normal again. What a feeling!


You have to focus on the good

I try to keep this as my motto because the bad can really get you down. Over a month into this nightmare dizzyness and I am not cured. I have increased my physical therapy to three times a week. I am frustrated because it could take months for me to feel normal. Some days are better than others. I have several exercises that I do a day. I have to retrain my body. I have to wear a laser pointer on my head and trace lines on a bulls eye with the laser pointer. I have to reteach my body where my normal equilibrium should be. I look normal on the outside. I just have to deal and be positive. As I retraining my body, it is adjusting. My dizziness is starting to feel different every day. Today I feel like someone is pushing me forward or that I am riding take on a wave. I know that when I get better, I will never take for granted good health.


Life is just too good

After several weeks of dizziness, the physical therapist figured that my neck is out of alignment. My nightmare is finally over. I will never forget the help I got. I will always be grateful. Paige got asked to homecoming by a sweet boy named Anthony. He goes to our church. His mom helped him fill Paige's room with balloons. We went to Brad's parents last night and had a great time. Today we went to Abbey's soccer game. It was cancelled after 18 minutes because of bad weather.


Charlotte is three months

Charlotte is three months today. At three months she

1) smiles a lot
2) is a very happy and good baby
3) is getting better head control and can sit in a bimbo
4) likes to have babbling conversations
5) coos a lot
6) is trying to turn over
7) sleeps through most nights (9 pm until 6 am
8) knows her mommy and daddy very well
9) loves to be held