Chili cookoff

Last Sunday we participated in Towne Lake's chili cookoff.  Abbey's Tshirt won the Tshirt design contest.  She won a gift card for 50 dollars!  Our team won second place!  We thought our chili tasted really good (Corrin's recipie).  


Weekend fun

On Thursday, I hosted a playdate for the neighborhood moms.  About ten moms showed up with their kids.  On Friday we had one of our delicious freezer meals, the Texas casserole.  On Saturday, we went to a friend's birthday party (her son was turning one).  We then went to a neighborhood friend's gender reveal party.  They have three girls and now are having a boy!  Next Will had a basketball game.  Finally, we had friends over to decide what chili we would enter for the chili cookoff next week.  Corrin's chili was the winner.  Lance and Casey helped Brad get that bar upstairs!  We will now stain it, add backing, etc.  on Sunday we walked to the new dog park that they built by our house.  It is by a lake and the dogs even have a little beach area!


Fun day

Charlotte is trying to crawl but crawls bavkward!

January fun

I January is flying by!  Brad took me to a restaurant in Fulshear called Rays for our 4th wedding anniversary.  How blessed am I to be married to the best guy ever.  Every single day I thank God for sending me Brad.  He is the most humble person, hardest worker, and best father I know.  I'm also blessed that he works so hard and now I get to be a stay at home mom.  I brought Paige and her friends chick f lay the other day for lunch.  I am going to do the same for Will soon.  I love being able to do this.  Abbey won the kid's coloring contest and her design will be on the Towne Lake chili cook off t-shirts!  I started a freezer meal club with my friends.  The meals are so easy and good!