Charlotte is six months

Charlotte is six months and what a cute little personality age has

1) is still spoiled rotten
2) smiles a lot of the time
3) can sit up on her own but needs pillows around in case she falls
4) loves baby food, especially bananas 
5) tries to take my phone and eat it
6) has no teeth coming in but tries to chew on everything
7) is 17 percent for weight (14 lbs) and height; 17 percent for height (25 inches) and has a big head (16 inches) and 62 percent
8) loves loves loves her mommy, daddy, and siblings
9) loves being in her exocauser, walker, and high chair if there are toys connected
10) still loves to be held
11) loves when Lily the dog licks her even though mommy is usually screaming for her to stop 
12)does not like sleeping in her crib (we are working on this)

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