It's raining but I am ok because it is Sunday!

Brad and I had a fantastic weekend.  On Friday, Will, Brad, and I went to the Outback Steakhoues for dinner.  The food was really good and was a nice to end the week like that.  We were suppose to go to Abbey's soccer game but it got rained out.  We met up with some friends for lunch Saturday afternoon.  Later on in the evening we went to Cypress Creek Lakes to take  pictures of Paige for homecoming.  There were six girls that met up at one of the girl's houses.  The mother cooked dinner for the girls.  The girls (and parents) were super nice and made us feel very welcome.  Christian and Tracy were also there and we were joking around about Paige showing up with four parents:)  Today we stopped by the house.  Hopefully we will have brick and a roof this week.  I am including pictures of the water from the balcony in the back of our house.  WE WILL NOT have this view when the houses around us are built.  It is nice to have in now, though:))) It is raining today but I don't mind because the workers don't work on Sunday.  The forecast for this week is sunny all week:)  Life is really good.  God is even better:)  Thank you Lord for everything!


The house is coming along!

We are so thrilled that there is a lot of progress on the house.  This week they worked on installing the windows and putting the covering on the boards (framing).  We are excited that the weather shows sunshine for all of next week so hopefully we will get a roof and brick soon.  Paige is going to the Homecomming Dance at her school tonight with a group of girls that she has become friends. with.  Life is really good.  God is really good:)))


Decorating for the new house

I LOVE LOVE LOVE decorating. I am ordering these things for the new house (living room). We are getting this sectional sofa. It will be in a tan/brown fabric which is pretty similar to what we have right now. The accent pillows will be the white fabric with the reds and green circles. We are ordering this recliner chair with the other fabric that is in the picture. I really wanted a fabric chair that was super comfortable because we spend most of our time in our living room. We are also getting this leather chair for Brad. The last material is the new bedding that I got for our bedroom. I LOVE the reds in this fabric. I am thinking about now putting my purple couch in my master bedroom because it matches this bedding. It was funny because I got the bedding at Steinmart. The quilt was $20.00 and the pillow shams were $15.00. It was crazy that one pillow sham almost cost the same as the entire quilt!

Labor Day Weekend and Tyler, Texas

Over the Labor Day weekend, we drove to mom and dad's new house in Tyler, Texas. It was FANTASTIC! They bought a golf cart that the kids loved driving. We went to the country club pool, swam, and had lunch while the men golfed. Later on in the day, we took the kids fishing. The next day, we went to the club to have brunch. The community is beautiful and the lake is amazing! It is called Lake Palenstine.

Tyler, Texas