It's raining but I am ok because it is Sunday!

Brad and I had a fantastic weekend.  On Friday, Will, Brad, and I went to the Outback Steakhoues for dinner.  The food was really good and was a nice to end the week like that.  We were suppose to go to Abbey's soccer game but it got rained out.  We met up with some friends for lunch Saturday afternoon.  Later on in the evening we went to Cypress Creek Lakes to take  pictures of Paige for homecoming.  There were six girls that met up at one of the girl's houses.  The mother cooked dinner for the girls.  The girls (and parents) were super nice and made us feel very welcome.  Christian and Tracy were also there and we were joking around about Paige showing up with four parents:)  Today we stopped by the house.  Hopefully we will have brick and a roof this week.  I am including pictures of the water from the balcony in the back of our house.  WE WILL NOT have this view when the houses around us are built.  It is nice to have in now, though:))) It is raining today but I don't mind because the workers don't work on Sunday.  The forecast for this week is sunny all week:)  Life is really good.  God is even better:)  Thank you Lord for everything!

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