What a wonderful time of year to reflect on our blessing.  Brad and I have been blessed beyond measures ( our children, family, health, and work).  I am trying trying to remind myself when there are little bumps in the road.. Ok, slight aggravations, that God has been so good to is.  We can't comtrol other people, we can only control ourselves.  


Vacation begins!

My vacation is here.  Brad is taking the next two weeks off!  I am so excited!   I get a break.  My mom said " you need to remember it is Brad's vacation too.  Of course I get that.  It is just nice to have help.  Will and I made his teacher's presents.  We got a frame from ikea for a dollar, a flower from hobby lobby for two and a half dollars and chalkboard paint. I am loving being a stay at home mom, especially since I now feel better.  Today my neighbor Carrie and I walked Charlotte to the park.  I then cleaned the house and played with Charlotte.  She is so cute but so spoiled... Rotten.. And it is 100 percent my fault. Brad went to Abbey 's violin concert on Tuesday.  


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I cannot believe that Christmas is almost here!  The kids are excited about the ski trip.  We had lots of Christmas concerts this week.  Allison and Abbey had violin concerts and Will had a band (trumpet) concert.  On Friday, Corrin and I went to an ornament exchange at a friend's house that I knew from Lafayette ten years ago.  She has moved many places since but ended up having her daughter and Corrin's daughter in the same ballet class!  She said " do you have a sister named Christa?.. Lol.  Charlotte is getting really big and enjoys hearing herself scream.