Indian pumpkin soup

Allison and Abbey went on a Carnival cruise this summer. Allison could not stop talking about this Indian pumpkin soup she had. She said it was the best! She asked us if she could make it. Twenty ingredients later, the soup was made. It was really good. There was one hiccup. There was a scotch bonnet pepper. I have never heard of that but apparently it is hotter than a jalapeƱo pepper. Abbey asked to cut it and Brad said no. She begged and Brad said "don't you touch your face." She touched her eyes! It was horrible. We had to put milk and whip creme on her eyes. I did this a year ago and it was horrible!!!!

Consignment shopping!

We met up with a high school friend who lives in Katy, Jannan. Jannan has a seven month old baby, Samuel. He is adorable. We went to a consignment sale at the Berry Center. I ended up getting a few outfits for Charlotte and a jumping thing.

Friday fun

We decided to do s'mores and invite our neighbors over. The girls had a blast. They payed Top Chef, created a scavenger hunt, and played school.



My mom bought the girls these matching outfits! My friend Susan made the most beautiful quilts for Charlotte and Finley. Last week, we took the kids to the Blue Bell Factory


School begins!

What a wonderful day! I never got to send my kids on the bus for school because I have always been teaching. Today starts the beginning of a new era. I will finally get to go to my kids' school events during the day. I will get to volunteer at their schools! I am soooo excited. God has blessed us so much!


Birthday weekend

We spent the weekend in Conroe celebrating birthdays. I took Will to his middle school orientation on Saturday. I hope he does well with switching classes for the first time. Since it is about to be the start of a new school year I will update the kids.
Paige: Just turned 15 (going into the 10th grade) and is trying to get her drivers permit. She loves cheerleading and shopping for clothes. She cracks me up with her 80s and 90s clothing that is back in style. I am proud that she spent a good part of the summer with her church peers. She is sweet.

Allison: almost 13 and going into 7th grade. Allison loves to play violin and is trying out for the 7th grade girls basketball team. She has a very fun personality and is sweet. She loves to play Legos with Will and ride her bike. We think age would be great in theater.

William: 11 and going into the 6th grade. Will is still completely obsessed with Legos. He also loves playing mind craft on the computer. He enjoys reading and likes war books. He will be playing the trumpet in the smith middle school band. Will has a sweet personality.

Abbey: almost 11 and going into the 5 th grade. Abbey loves playing soccer and also really likes fashion. She wants to do gymnastics. Abbey is very sweet and very dependable. She is a great helper.

Charlotte: 6 weeks old:
Loves to smile
Trying to keep her head up and not wobble do much
Likes the rainforest activity mat
Wakes up about every three hours at night to eat
Is a very sweet baby.. The entire family is madly in love

Lilly: 2 years old: is obsessed with socks and licking; she is a little depressed since the baby has taken some attention away from her


Jr high time!

Today was a great day. We went to visit Finley. She is tiny. I don't remember Charlotte being this small!!! I then drive to the Woodlands to take Allison to orientation at her Jr High. We stopped at the Woodlands Mall. That was a train wreck. My stroller was in Brad's car. I will never go to the mall without a stroller. Charlotte was too small to rent the strollers at the mall . Lesson learned:)))