You have to focus on the good

I try to keep this as my motto because the bad can really get you down. Over a month into this nightmare dizzyness and I am not cured. I have increased my physical therapy to three times a week. I am frustrated because it could take months for me to feel normal. Some days are better than others. I have several exercises that I do a day. I have to retrain my body. I have to wear a laser pointer on my head and trace lines on a bulls eye with the laser pointer. I have to reteach my body where my normal equilibrium should be. I look normal on the outside. I just have to deal and be positive. As I retraining my body, it is adjusting. My dizziness is starting to feel different every day. Today I feel like someone is pushing me forward or that I am riding take on a wave. I know that when I get better, I will never take for granted good health.

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