Lazy summer

I have less than two more weeks and the weirdest (and greatest) thing is happening. My symptoms are starting to go away. My hands and feet are good, Charlotte has dropped lower so I can breath easier, and I am getting sleep most of the night. Today I picked up the girls. We are picking up Will from Robotics camp and headed to see Monsters Inc. Will had had a blast in Robotics camp. I am including a funny picture of Brad in the couch. I have been soooo HOT lately. I begged Brad to turn the AC lie so I could at least not be hot. He turned it to 72 and the house felt sooo good. He, on the other hand, was freezing. He also complained about our electricity bill being 80 more this month because of me. I don't care. When he gets pregnant, then I will listen to his complaints. Lol. My friend Nana sent Corrin and I the cutest gifts for our daughters. Love love love! I also ordered these stickers on etsy. You put them on a onesie and take a picture of the baby each month. They never had ANY if this cute stuff when I had my kids do I plan on taking full advantage!


Bethany said...

I hear you. I can't stand being hot!! Pregnant or not.

nana said...

What's your AC normally set to? Jason likes it to be 72, and I have to put on long pants and a sweater!