April is here!

Wow!  Time is flying by!  Today is April Fools Day.  Normally I tell Brad I  am pregnant but since he is fixed, he really won't believe me.  Things are still really busy!   I just finished my ten meals for our  freezer exchange club.  I did pecan crusted tilipia and Panko crusted tilipia for the kids.  This month we are also doing a mini exchange. Five people wanted to do it.  You can make a dessert, appitizer, or breakfast item that can be frozen.  I am doing a breakfast casserole that I had at my mops (mothers of preschoolers).  I am excited because my friend is doing limoncello!!!!! She is pregnant and was laughing because she bought the stuff at the store.  I told her she needed to tell them "don't judge."  This week I am working on our neighborhood safety event.  I am part of the neighborhood social committee so I help plan events.  I was the lead person on the daddy daughter dance and will be the lead person on the safety even we are having in June.  Today (while I have a babysitter), I am going to ask the emergency room by our house if they will sponsor the event (I hate soliciting money!!!!).  I need to get the child seat inspection people signed up and the MADD for the teenagers.  Because our community is a lake community, we are going to have a live boat rescue for the kids to see and we are trying to get life flight.  I spent the day with Brad's parents since I brought his kids to the woodlands and took them to their soccer practice in the afternoon.  It was fun!  Last weekend, we took Lily to the dog park.  We walked and the kids rode their bikes.  We stopped at sonic on the way.  I felt like Gilligan's Island (a three hour tour).. because it seemed to take forever! We ended up walking four miles but we were gone for about three hours.  It was a lot of fun!

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