Charlotte is 8 months!

Charlotte is 8 months today!
1. has two teeth
2.  loves to clap her hands, especially to "If you are happy and you know it
3. pulls up on all the furniture
4. crawls around everywhere
5. still wants to be held all of the time
6. Hates baby food that is not sweet
7. Loves loves loves, eggs, rice, saltine crackers, bread, yogart, and any sweet fruit
8. Smiles and laughs all of the times
9.  Says momma and da da and knows what it means
10. tries to get in the dogs food/water
11. is obsessed with the fireplace
12. Takes two naps a day, one in the am and one in the pm
13. loves the park swing
14. has neighborhood friends that she plays with (Lucy, Madeline, and Harper)
15. loves to take selfies

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