March is here!

I cannot believe that March is already here!  The kids will be having their spring breaks.  I am a little annoyed they Abbey and Allison's school is different than Paige and Will's.  This makes us only have the weekend in between to go somewhere with them.  

Update on kids:
Paige is 15 and just got her drivers permit.  I have been driving with her a few times and it can be scary.  She has a boyfriend named Anthony.  She is finishing up her year with cheerleading and is not doing it next year.  She is thinking about track.  She is finishing up her year long confirmation class. She has helped me on several occasions (daddy/ daughter dance) lately and I am proud of her for that.

Allison is 13.  She loves playing basketball and the violin.  Allison loves baking and wants to open a bakery one day. She is very social and loves playing with her friends.  She is very determined and her goal is to make her school's basketball team.  She is good at basketball and violin.  The other day, she made a goal during her backer all game.  It was exciting!

Williiam is 11.  He is still obssed with Lego and mindcraft.  He plays soccer and basketball.  He is a good little soccer player.  He is obsessed with electronics so we have to limit this.  He plays trumpet in the band.  Will loves making Lego movies.  He is also very good with watching the baby.  

Abbey is 11.  She loves playing soccer and is good.  The best thing in her life ever just happened.  I mean ever. ( her words).  She and her siblings all got iPhones.  It was he best thing ever. Abbey enjoys making crafts and uses the craft room on a daily basis.  She is very thoughtful and is always making cards for people who are sick. She and Paige like to hang out and are into fashion.  Abbey is still a really good helper. She is also a great violin player. 

Charlotte is sevent months.  She is crawling everywhere and is a screamer. She just started saying momma ( for real)  the other day.  She loves loves loves eggs. 

Lilly:  Is a good dog (except her constant licking!)

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