Ash Wednesday

Today I met my friend Jenny for lunch and shopping.  I needed some summer stuff.  Boy am I glad I went!  Besides having a fun time with Jenny, I had a wake up call.  The lights in those changing rooms are just fantastic!!! Lol!!! They are real life!  I got a huge wake up call that I need to get this baby weight off.  I Seriously need to get this baby weight off!  Later, I took the kids to church for Ash Wednesday. I just love my kids!  Paige got a summer job life guarding!!! I am stressing a little because I am hosting bunko at my house tomorrow night.  It is hard getting ready for this with a baby.  First world problems, I know. Our moms group just started a book club. I am thinking about joining it bug I am afraid that I am getting involved in too much. I'm including this last picture because this is me at my ideal weight.  This is my goal.  I don't want to be that tan, though.. Lol.  I am ok with being pasty white and safe.

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