Charlotte is 10 months!

Where has the time gone?!!!! This little girl is such a spit fire!  At ten months Charlotte

1. Smiles and laughs a lot
2. Loves to clap her hands to " if you are happy and you know it"
3. Loves to dance and shakes her booty 
4.  Can stand up on her own for several seconds
4. Will blow you kisses
5. Loves to wave
6. Knows where your nose is if you ask her to touch it and laughs if you say "beep beep" 
7. Loves her sisters and brother and knows their names (if you say Where is Will? She will look at Will)
8. Know how to safely climb backwards down the stairs.
9. Has three teeth
10. Loves to play
11. Loves her car 
12. Enjoys riding bikes on her daddy's bike
13. Loves Lilly
14. Says "dadd, momma, and ba ba
15. Is very spoiled and still likes to be held... A lot!
16. Loves the swimming pool

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