So blessed to be a mother!!!

The best thing hands down is being a mother.  I am so thankful that I get to be one.  I have a few friends that have struggled for years to get pregnant and my heart breaks for them.  This weekend, Brad and the kids did a wonderful job making me feel special.  One of the things that I will never forget is that Brad was so in love with his kids and my kids when we got married that he was content to keep it that way.  He married me because he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.   Charlotte has been a wonderful blessing but it makes me feel extra special that Brad was madly in love with me and just wants to end up old and sitting next to me in a rocking chair.  I love that he appreciates me as a wife and a mother.  He is thankful of the relationship that I have with his kids and with my kids.  On Friday night, we got invited to go on a boat ride in our friend's boat in our neighborhood.  It was so fun!  I love my neighbors!   On Saturday, we went to Will's soccer game and then to our neighbors BBQ. The theme was Cajun and Carribean.  The food was amazing!  Later on that day, we were invited to  my friend Tracy's house to swim and to BBQ.  They ended up grilling some of our freezer club pork and chicken!!  Lol!  It was delicious!  On Sunday, Brad cooked me my favorite breakfast, French Toast.  We went to mass and then to brunch. Brad and the kids got me roses and a gift card to a nail salon.  We went on a family bike ride to check out the construction on the water park they are building in our neighborhood.  We then grilled out.  Tonight Allison had a violin concert.  We got her tonight and she, Will, and Charlotte had a dance party in the living room.  Lol. Life is good.  God is so good!!!

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