Orange you glad it is summer!!

I am VERY excited about summer being here and me being a stay a home mom.  One thing about me, though, is that I have to keep busy.  I decided to start the summer off with organizing our little section in Towne Lake called South Shore.  I made little goodie bags that said "Orange you glad it is summer"...which I found on pinterest.  I filled the bags with organge candy slices and orange tic tacs.  In the bags, I put a little writing that explained how I wanted to start a yahoo email group for our section.  Our old neighborhood had one and it was very useful.  We would email each other with questions (do any of you know a good plumber?), or if we saw something weird (there is a blue car that doesn't look right driving up and down the street), and for fun (lets have a block party!).  I told the neighbors they could join the group and email me a blurb about their family (kids ages, who babysits, etc).  William and I delivered them yesterday.  We knocked on the door and most people thought we were solicitors.  They were VERY releived that we weren't and that we actucally were doing this.  Most said "thank you so much for organizing this."