Charlotte is two months!

At two months, Charlotte is a very happy and good baby. She

1) loves it when people make funny faces and smiles
2) is completely addicted to the pacifier ( this weekend we had an almost emergency when our only pacifier was lost while Brad was holding Charlotte in the Baylor bookstore. We didn't pack another one because it was attached to her clothes. We freaked out.. Lol. Abbey ended saving the day and finding it. But this was a good lesson. Always have several pacifiers!!!
3) sleeps through the night sometimes; most of the time, though, she goes to bed around 9 pm and wakes up at 4 am for a feeding and will then sleep until 8 am
4) likes to imitate sounds you make
5) likes her rainforest play mat and swing but only in short intervals
6) loves loves loves to be held
7) loves her brother and sisters
8) is starting to drool more
9) Ioves for people to hold her head back
(For fun)
10) eats about 4oz of breast milk or formula every four hours (I am so proud that I have lasted this long!)
11) is 22 inches (34%)
12) weighs 10.8 oz (33%)

She is just a super sweet baby. We are so lucky!

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