A lazy weekend

This weekend we are being very lazy and it feels really good.  We went on a family walk/ bike ride and it was great!  Abbey had her last soccer game if the season.  She was one of the best players on the team.  Charlotte has finally "discovered" Lily and it is the cutest thing ever.  She loves her!  Today is actually the best I have felt in months.  I still have vibrating feet but I am hopeful that it will be gone shortly. Corrin and I met a friend for lunch the other day. It was at a really neat place.  The food was good.  The only downside is that it was too pricy.  I hung out with Dave and Corrin on Friday.  Dave was aggravated because a bug was about to bite him in the face and I killed it.. But blood got on his nice shirt. Next time I will just let the bug bite him and suck his blood.

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