Galveston...Here comes the WILSONS! Are you ready for us??

We woke up on Sunday and decided to take the kids to Galveston after church. As we were discussing it, Brad and I thought it would be cool to tell the kids we were going to the beach but really take them to Schlitterbaun. The kids were ecstatic! They spent the entire car ride decided what kind of sand castles they wanted to build at the beach. When we pulled up to Schlitterbaun, we said "surprise!" They were happy but the three of them (Abbey, Allison, and Will) all said they would rather go to the beach. Brad and I were completely ok with this because the beach is a LOT cheaper than Schlitterbaun. We went to the Dollar General where we stocked up on beach supplies. We found a beach section that charged in Galveston but the charge was definitely worth it. We pulled the car up to the beach and spent the day there. It was a blast! We usaully pull up to the seawall and go to the beach there. We will definately go to the place where you pay next time because it was really nice.

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