Mini Golf and Girls Night Out!

On Saturday, it was just Will, Brad, and I. We needed to get out of the apartment so we took Will to Mountasia for bumper boats and mini golf. Brad beat me by five points!!! ARGH!!!!! It was REALLY hot but it was a lot of fun. The bumper boats were good because we got to squirt water on each other and bump into each other. Later on, Brad dropped me off at my friend's house in Houston. My friends from college all met where we had pedicures done and then went to dinner. It was lots of fun catching up!!!! Will ended up talking Brad into taking him to the Backyard Grill (a restaurant by our old house that we loved going). He also talked him into giving him money to play the claw machine. Will is obsessed with the claw machine (that machine that is the biggest rip off where you put in money and try to win a stuffed animal). The funny thing, though, is that Will is actually good at the claw machine! He ALWAYS wins prizes!!! He won these three things! Brad ended up at Tom's house later on where Will gave Maverick and Jenn's new dog, Macy, a stuffed animal. Maverick immediately tore the face off of the green one:))))

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