Seattle and my grandmother

My grandmother lived in Seattle and passed away about four months ago. She left behind my step grandfather, Jim.  My mom asked if the four sisters woukd go up there and help clean out my grandmother's house. Jim wants to sell it and move to Louisiana to be near us.  I had very mixed emotions about everything.  My grandmother spent her entire life collecting things and money was her number one priority.  It hurt me that she missed years of being with her daughter, grand children, and great grandchildren. She would rather go on a trip to Korea to buy more stuff than to visit us.  She was obsessed with things.  She stopped selling things for her business's years ago but kept buying. We spent a week going through a 5,000 sq ft house packed from floor to belong in every room with junk. Corrin said it was hoarders on steroids.  We were only able to put a small dent on emptying the house in a week.  I just took Charlotte because the kids were still in school.  My mom is still there trying to empty the house. It was an emotional thing to go through. 

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