Weekend in Bulevedere, Tx

Today's post is a guest blogger post from our daughter, Abbey 

    Hi, my name is Abbey and I'm a guest blogger! This weekend we had a lot of fun! We rented a big house, and it was really fun. My favorite part about the house was that it had an amazing swimming pool! We went swimming a lot! 
    I also had lots of fun at the places we went. We went to this store and I bought crickets there! I was really scared to taste them but then I did, and they were surprisingly really good! Another fun thing we did was we went to the natural bridge wildlife ranch and it was a lot of fun! We drove by many different exotic animals and a bunch of them I hadn't seen before. We did many more fun things but those were some of my favorites!
    Whenever we got back home we celebrated Father's Day. We ate fajitas for dinner and I made chocolate peanut  butter cupcakes with chocolate icing and they were delicious! We had a great day! 

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The Wilcox's said...

Great Post Abbey!!!!