Its already November

I cannot believe that it is already November.  The kids had a blast trick or treating for Halloween.  It was one of the best nights.  Paige went to a friend's Haloween Party and dressed up at Olivia Newton John from Greece.  Allison invited her friends to come here and they went as M&Ms.  Abbey went to her friend's house and was a cat.  William invired his friend over and he went as someone from Friday the 13th movies.  Charlotte was a lady bug.  She loved truck or treating and could have lasted all night long.  Finley stayed in the wagon most of the night but Charlotte wanted to go to the houses to get more candy.  The next night our freezer meal hosted a progressive dinner. My dad was in town so that was great.  We hosted the soup house where we did an orange theme and made pumpkin poblano soup.  We also Dec'd our first hospital room for the charity Dec My Room.  The guy Anthony was very grateful and super sweet.  Prayers for him and his family that he gets well.

Play date with the Towne Lake friends

All of the couples for the Towne Lake Freezer Meal Prigressive Dinner

Always getting into stuff

At Mother's Day out 
Loves to say "cheese"

Loves to stand on this table
Loves loves loves books!
Allison going to an 8th grade retreat at Church 
Love love love my amazing husband 

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