The End of the Year with my Seniors

Today was the senior picnic. Corrin and I met at Academy this morning and spent the rest of the Senior Women money buying games for the picnic. We bought lots of fun things (volley ball net, croquet, soccer balls, etc). It was really bittersweet. I am going to miss some of these kids because some were just amazing. I couldn't stop laughing when Corrin told me the following story. One of the girls that was not nice to her came up to Corrin to check in. Corrin told her "I know that you were not a huge fan of me at the beginning of the year but did you end up changing your mind?" The girl looked at Corrin and said "nope." Wow. Kids are sometimes amazing. I can honestly say that my four kids would never say that to a teacher, even if that is the way they felt.

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Nice to see you and the fam doing well:).