I am going to keep a blog this summer so that in the end, I can have a book printed up for the kids as a memory of this summer. We are a the end of the homestretch and summer is almost here. Paige and William will be going to Florida with their dad for the first week of June and I signed the girls up for a summer camp close to our house that is four hours a day. Allison will be doing a desing your dream home and Abbey will be designing a city. The camp is at the community college that close to our apartments. We have Brad's girls for the first two weeks in June and the last two weeks in July. Speaking of apartments, living in one is not fun. Lucy is punishing us and will not stop pooping on our carpet. Our house was suppose to be started but the developer is behind. It looks like it will start at the end of June. We drive by our street every few days to see the progress. They just finished the sidewalks by the lake that is near our home and our street just got street lamps and electricity. You can see them making progress on our section. The picture of the house is the one that we chose our brick and trim from.

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