Mothers Day Weekend 2012

This weekend is Mother's Day. I am not too bothered about it and don't want the kids or Brad to make a big deal about it because my birhtday just happened and they went overboard and made it really special. This weekend the kids are with their other parents so it is just Brad and I. I will get my kids back on Sunday afternoon to celebrate Mother's Day. This year is going to be the best Mothers Day yet. I have the best kids (all four) and the best husband. I couuld not ask for anything else. On Friday, Brad and I found a cajun restaurant by our house called the French Quarter. We had the best cajun food. After, we went and did my favorite thing, listened to live music. I bought a new yellow dress a few weeks ago. I got a million compliments on it! When Brad turns 40, I want to have the biggest party and hire a live band. Today Brad coached Abbey's soccer team and I went to Will's baseball game. After, Brad and I went and had margaritas. We then drove by our land and just looked at it.

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