Summer Is Here!!!

Summer is here!
 Today is Paige and Will's last day of school. They both are thrilled. Allison and Abbey's last day is Thursday and then they will be with us for the next few weeks! Brad and I are VERY VERY VERY proud of Allison. She and a few other girls all planned to try out for their school talent show together. When it was all said and done, the other girls changed their mind. Allison auditioned by herself and made it. The talent show was yesterday and Allison played a solo on her violin. I couldn't go but saw it on video. It was awesome. Brad said that there were about 200 parents there. She is so brave to do that. I told Brad to take a picture so I could post it on the blog but he forgot (Bad husband...just joking). Brad, if you are reading this, make sure you get a still shot next time. Corrin and I love having no students this week. We were able to go and have sushi for lunch. The place is called Sushi Pop and is really good. Last night, Paige had her award ceremony. She received an award for best student in her shop class (I think it was called industrial technology)? She also received an award for having honor roll for three years. I am very proud of her. I cannot believe that she will be in High School next year! This will be a new chapter of our lives where we will be going to football games cheering on her school. I will be extra on top of her academics because GPA is very important in high school, especially for scholarships. I have been spending time trying to prepare for this summer. I plan on taking the kids on lots of day trips, makings lots of crafts and recipies from pintrest, and just having fun. Here are a few tid bits about each child.

 Paige: Almost 14 and about to start high school. Paige is really into being a teenager (ha). She spends a super long time every morning in the bathroom preparing herself to look perfect for school. She gets up at 5:30 AM and at 6:30 AM I am always screaming for her to hurry up so I won't be late for work. Paige is into fashion and music. She is also into borrowing her mother's clothes.  Paige loves her itouch and begs for a better phone. Kids don't need nice cell phones. They need cell phones that work and you can call 911 from. Paige is super sweet and is very reliable. I can ask her to do anything and know that she will do it and it will be done well. Paige is beautiful, on the inside and outside.

 Allison: Will be 12 this October and will start Middle School! Allison is a very sweet girl who is constantly being noticed for her beautiful red hair. She is very creative and has a fun personality. She loves to participate in dressing up and pretending to be fake characters. She plays the violin and is excited to try new things. She can sometimes be very serious and quiet. She is also our day dreamer. Allison has a sweetness to her that is just very nice. Allison also loves anything dealing with detective stuff and pondered being a detective when she grows up. This along with opening her own restaurant and playing the violin for her patrons. Allison has a very laid back personality which I think she gets from her father. 

 William: Will be 10 this summer and start the 5th grade in the fall. William is our child that if his head was not screwed on, it would most definitely not be attached. He is obsessed with Legos and loves playing computer and Wii games. He doesn' mind reading, especially if it is a Lego book. He is vey social at school and sometimes has too much of a hard time not being social (as reflected in the weekly conduct card sent home by the teacher). William has a kind spirit about him. He is also a day dreamer and sometimes it takes a few moments to get him out of his day dreaming. William wants to be a Lego engineer when he grows up. He is also very spiritual. William will talk about God a lot. 

 Abbey: Will be 10 in October and start the 4th grade. Abbey is our go getter child. She is very beautiful and very sweet. She is also our bull dog and can be as stubborn as they come. Abbey is a hard worker and will go above and beyond when helping out with chores. Abbey loves to play soccer and scored a goal a few games ago. She loves to read and enjoys fashion. She likes to wear scarves. She also likes to pick out her own clothing and will battle with you if she doesn't want to wear something. Abbey is kind to others and will help whenever needed. Abbey has a type A personality like her step mom. She really enjoys baking and doing crafts. Abbey has a beautiful and sweet smile.

 Lucy: Lucy is our old lady dog. She is currently punishing us for moving into an apartmentment. She refuses to poop when we take her outside but instead goes at night on the carpet. She also refuses to be contained to a non-carpet area at night and will howl and bark until she gets her way. She is currently holding us hostage in the apartment. Lucy is funny when we go to the dog park. Usually she will find an old person to sit next to and bond with.

 Lilly: Lilly is the complete opposite of Lucy. She is a puppy so it is really not fair to make that statement. She is very social and loves going to the dog park where she could spend hours socializing and playing with all of the dogs. Lilly dosn't mind being in her crate which is nice. We are trying to break her from the habit of chewing on walls. We currently have about three holes in our drywall. We are also trying to work with her peeing when she gets excited. Every day when I get home from work, she is so excited and pees everywhere. Thank goodness it is on the kitchen floor. Lilly is very loving and will cuddle on the couch with us for hours. She tries to play with Lucy but is not successful in that.

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