A new day

This weekend has been lots of fun and VERY busy. On Friday, we met Tom and his girlfriend Jen for his birthday. We ended up meeting up with Jen's friends later on during the night. On Saturday, Brad worked on putting together Isabella and Sophia's new swing set. I went to graduation for my seniors and then we bbq'd after Isabella's dance recital. This morning I woke up and told Brad "we are getting to mass EARLY." For the past two weeks, we have had to stand up the entire time at our new church. We don't think that the church is big enough for all of the members. After mass, we did our weekly ritual and drove by our land to see what work has been done in our section. We were excited to see that the put letters on the entrance of our section that will be gated. So apparently we live in Towne Lake community, our section is called "South Shore at Towne Lake" and our street name is Dove Creek Springs Trail. Tonight we are going to a 40th birthday party of one of Brad's clients. It is being held at a Wine Bar in a fancy part of town (River Oaks). It should be fun.

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