It's A Great Day to Be Alive

I can't get the Travis Tritt song "It's A Great Day to Be Alive" out of my head! If you haven't heard it, youtube it. It is really good. I am very excited that it is almost the weekend. Brad and I actually have a lot planned. All of our kids are with our ex's. On Friday, we are meeting Tom and Jen for dinner to celebrate Tom's birthday. On Saturday, I have graduation for my seniors and then Isabella's dance recital. On Sunday, we are going to a 40th birthday party of one of Brad's clients at a wine bar. On Monday, we will probably just relax. Towne Lake is having a celebration with bands by the water. This post is going to revolve around how wonderful my husband is. I included a picture because not only is he wonderful, he is really cute. Last Saturday, Brad spent the entire day in the woodlands coaching Abbey's team and taking them to a dance thing. William had baseball to we stayed in town. I took Paige and Will out to eat Mexican. A few days later, Allison had a violin recital. The other day, she and Will said that they plan on opening a restaurant one day and Allison said that she plans on plyaing the violin for her customers. It was too cute! Brad is the best father ever. He does everything for his kids and mine. Yesterday he got off of work early and took Will to baseball practice and worked with him. We figured out that we (mostly him) spends over 30 hours a month in the car and drive over 1000 miles a month to see the girls. While he coaches his girl's soccer, he drives to the Woodlands on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Monday). It is over an hour each way. It is about 42 miles each way. I am lucky to have him. Thank GOD I have him.

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