Lilly the Funny Dog!

Today was very strange. At first I was very upset but then I said, "there is a reason for everything." I got a call from the principal of Cy-Ranch high school asking if I would like to interview for a history position. THIS IS MY DREAM JOB, because it is right by our new house and it is the school that Paige will be going to. The problem is that I already accepted a job. I could not be a cad and try to ditch my school that is excited about me working there and try to interview for this job. I am just not that person. At the end of the day, I can't live with that ucky feeling in my stomach. I told the lady that I was super disappointed because that is where I wanted to work, but I already accepted another job offer. I explained that my daughter was going there and we would be living close to the school. She was REALLY nice. I asked her if she would keep me in mind in the future for a possible transfer. She completely understood my situation. She told me to stay in touch with them and that every year the district offers a transfer fair for teachers within Cy-Fair and that you can request certain campuses. I told Brad that I just trust that Cy-Creek is the place where I am suppose to be right now. The principal is very excited about me being there. My new department chair is meeting me tomorrow at school to show me my new classroom. Brad and I were excited that my new school will be closer to the Woodlands. I will be able to leave at 3:00 on Thursdays and Fridays and help Brad get the girls. I told him that maybe I am suppose to be at Cy-Creek because it will be easier to get the girls and we can all have more time together. Brad can be stuck in 5:00 Houston traffic for hours. If I can leave at 3:00 to get them, it just makes more sense. Yesterday, I got an email from Lone Star college asking me if I was still interested in applying for an adjunct position at the Lone Star Cypress campus which is right by my house. It would be teaching a history class either one night a week or on Saturdays. I told them I was interested in applying because that would be a great way to get my foot in the door. Brad was super sweet and said "Can I pay you what they pay an hour for you not to apply?" AWWWW...I told him that I need to at least try because that would be very cool to eventually just teach at the community college level. I probably will not get a call back but you never know....

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