One more week until VACATION!!!!

Friday, July 13 (by Brad, guest blogger)

This evening after work, Christa, Will and I went to our
favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner.
Paige’s dad picked her up before dinner so she could spend the weekend
with him. We had a nice time together
over a good meal and a couple adult beverages (Will had root beer). I had one
of their 20 oz frozen margaritas. I
highly recommend them.

Saturday, July 14
This morning, Will’s dad picked him up which left Christa
and I kid-less. After breakfast we went
to an art gallery where Christa’s friend runs art classes. When we signed up for this kids mosaic class,
we thought we were going to have kids.
But our plans changed at the last minute and rather than bail on
Christa’s friend, we went through with the class. We each made a mosaic picture frame which
we’ll give to the kids to display in their new rooms. Our niece, Sophia, did the class with us
along with Corrin. We’ll definitely take
our kids back for another art class. We
ended the day nicely by grilling salmon outside of our apartment at one of the
community grills. If was nice to grill
again…it’s been a while. Christa made
some really good dill flavored rice to go along with the fish. It was a good meal.

We watched 2 movies, one chick flick and one man movie. The first movie, Friends with Kids (chick
flick), was truly awful. It was a
bizarre movie about a guy and girl who were just friends but decided to have a
baby together and split time 50/50 with the kid. These liberal weirdoes in Hollywood take too many drugs. The second movie, however, was a cinematic
masterpiece. In Safe House, Denzel
Washington plays a spy who has gone rogue and is being chased by the CIA. It includes nonstop action and plenty of
violence. There is a nice twist at the
end as well, which always makes a movie more interesting.

Sunday, July 15
Today, after church, Christa and I shopped for our upcoming
trip to New Mexico and Colorado.
We went to Dollar Tree (where everything is $1) and spent $44.50. That means we bought 41 items! We wanted to buy a few things to make the 15+
hour drive (one way) tolerable for the kids, but which in turn makes it more
tolerable for the adults. We planned out
several of our activities today, which will include viewing Indian ruins in Santa Fe, whitewater rafting in Fort
Collins, and hiking in Estes
Park. We’re really getting excited about the trip
and can’t wait until Friday.

Just before dinner, our wonderful
little nieces, Isabella and Sophia came over to our place. Their mom and dad were going to dinner with
some friends and dropped them off on the way.
Christa cooked a whole chicken in the oven which turned out great. The four of us sat down and had a nice dinner
together. Tonight, the girls played
Legos, made snow angels in the carpet (this was the first time I’d seen this
being done), colored and played with the dogs.
They finished the night off with Spiderman 2. We had a nice time with our nieces this

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