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Brad and I have been extremely fustrated with the house situation. We were suppose to have started building in April. It is July 10th and we have not yet started. After being told a week ago that we wouldn't be building for the next four to six weeks, Brad and I had enough. I told him that we needed to send letters to the Executives at the Caldwell Company. This is the company that is developing Towne Lake. Brad mailed the letters off on Monday. On Thursday, the President of Caldwell Companies called Brad to apologize. The executives had a meeting "about the letter" and were very disappointed in how they had treated us. Fred Caldwell said that he is sending us a gift card for dinner. He said "I know this isn't much, but at least it will get you out of your apartment." Brad and I think that the "four kids and two dogs" in an apartment resonated with them. Fred Caldwell told the lower people to get our house started ASAP! We are starting around July 20th. Our lot actually increased in size because of the "replot" that they did. When we met with our sales councilor, Ralphael, he said "you have to send me the letter." Everyone is talking about your letter. The president of Coventry called Raphael and said that he wanted to discuss the Wilson house situation and the Wilson letter. Raphael had no clue what we had done but it worked!!!!!
Here is the letter that Brad sent:

Dear Mr. Caldwell

I am writing this letter because I have a concern dealing with one of your developments, Towne Lake . My wife and I decided that we wanted to move to a master plannedcommunity. We narrowed our search down to Bridgeland, Cypress
Creek Lakes , and Towne Lake . After researching the area and
comparing and contrasting the various factors, we chose to move to Towne Lake. Our family was thrilled to be apart of this newcommunity. This was in February. It is now July andour family is very disappointed in the customer service that we have received from the Caldwell Company. At the end of they day, we understand
that there are various factors that are involved in the building and developing
process of a Master Planned Community. However, we feel that the
Caldwell Company people have not been honest and straightforward with us.
We sold our house and signed a contract with Coventry for a plot in Section 15 in February. We were told that Coventry would start building our house in the next six to eight weeks because of the permits, HOA, etc. My wife and I searched for temporary living accommodations for the next six to eight months. We were not able to rent a house because most of them require a least a year rental agreement. We were forced to rent a three bedroom apartment for the six of us (four children)
and our two dogs. In April, we met with the representative from
Coventry and he informed us that the developer (Caldwell Company) was behind in
getting our section ready. He apologized and said that Coventry
was given the ok by you guys to sell off these plots. The representative informed us that it would be another four to six weeks before we would start building. He said that the worst case scenario would be the end of June. My wife and I were very disappointed because four kids and two dogs in an apartment is not the ideal situation. We spent the next three months just driving by our land and looking at
the other progress going on in Towne Lake . We were counting the
days down until June 30 because we knew that this was the “worst case scenario”
date. On June 30th, we met with the Coventry representative and he informed us that the developer is “still behind” in this section. It has something to do with removing a gas well.My wife and I are devastated. We were told that it would be
another four to six weeks before we start building. This would put
our start date in the middle of August. We are realistically
thinkin g (based on previous experience) that it will be September or
October. We are frustrated because we signed a contract in
February and six months later, we are not even close to getting our house
started. Had we had any inclination that it would take a year to
build our house, we would have certainly been more comfortable during this year
and rented a house. We feel that the only option we have is to
wait for the Caldwell Company to decide that removing the gas well for section
15 is a number one priority in Towne Lake . The land should not
have been sold this early. Now that we are in the current
situation, you guys need to do what is right and make getting the gas well
removed from Section 15 a top priority. We asked the Coventry
representative if we had any other options. He said we could get
out of the contract. Coventry doesn’t have any other plots
available right now in another part of the community but other builders
do. If we get out of the contract with Coventry and go to another
builder will available lots, we will have to start the process all over from the
beginning. It will take a minimum of two months to even get
started. This would put us at September, around the same time as
we are being told our house can be started. We are literally stuck
if we want to stay in the Towne Lake community. We are hoping and
praying that you guys will do the right thing and get this taken care of.

Brad Wilson

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