Yesterday was a blast!  The kids and I (and our friends) competed in a cupcake war.  Each person was instructed to bring materials to Corrin's house to make 12 cupcakes.  There would be an adult competition and a children's competition.  There were three categories: A) best tasting B)best decorated and C) most original.  In the end, we had four judges (Brad, Carlos, Tara, and Dave).  After the judging, we celebrated with a bbq and cupcakes!

About the cupcakes:
Christa:  My cupcake was suppose to be a woman's high heal.  The picture on the book looked a million times better than they ended up looking in real life.  I called mine "The ADD Shoemaker" because it looked like I was in a hurry. (lol...I did win for most original!)

Paige:  Paige created the cute Owl Cupcakes.  She won for best decorated.  Her recipe was SUPER complicated and required a million ingredients but in the end, it was great.

Allison:  Allison decided to do the Sesame Street theme.  Her cupcakes turned out super cute.  She won for most original.  She spent a lot of time getting the faces just right.

William:  I have no idea what Will's inspiration was.  He just said he needed gummy bears.  LOTS of gummy bears.  In the end, he had a strawberry, gummy bears, and donut holes on top.  It was typical Will style and we were proud of him

Abbey:  Abbey couldn't decided what cupcake to do.  In the end, she chose a fishing cupcake.   She was  frustrated over the fishing poles (getting the string attached to the fish and the straw). Poor thing!  It was hard!!!  She did a wonderful job and they were super cute.  

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Bethany said...

WOW, those are all so cute!! What a great idea for a party! Sure wish we lived closer to you.