Monday, Monday....

Today is Monday.  Today was a crazy day.  There is always drama.  Always.  The kids and I met Corrin and our friend Mellisa at Mellisa's house this morning to work out.  Paige watched all of the kids while we worked out.  It was a CRAZY workout.  Ok, it wasn't really crazy but it felt crazy.  About 45 minutes of running, doing sprints, doing pushups, situps,etc.  Corrin and I did adventure racing with Mellisa years ago.  The workout we did today was a typical adventure race type thing.  It kicked Corrin and my behind.  LITERALLY.  Mellisa was super sweet and just put up with us.  Ha ha.  We will get there.  The goal is to be able to do an adventure race type workout for an hour and a half.  One day we will get there.  We all had camel backs on and I was sucking down my water.  I love my husband and he can never say I didn't try.  LOL.  After the crazy workout, Corrin and I took the kids to one of her water parks in her area.  The kids had a blast.  We went to SAMS after to get stuff for our cupcake war.  Poor ABBEY.  Sophia accidentally threw up on Abbey in Sams.  It was HORRIBLE.  Red throw up stuff all over Abbey's clothes and hair.  It was crazy  because Allison just happen to have an extra shirt on so we stripped Abbey in the middle of Sams and put Allison's extra shirt on.  Both Abbey and Sophia smelled of vomit but we all got over it.  Abbey was SUCH a trooper about it.  Later on, we gave Brad his father's day present, a Kureig maker.  He LOVES coffee and we all felt that this would be the perfect gift for him.

We have guest blogs from the kids today...

This is from Will: For the past 5 or 6 days I have been in Florida. There are many things to do. We stayed in a house that is split into two sides with the same things in each one.  I stayed with my two brothers Charlie and Nick, my sister Paige, my dad and step mom , and my Grama. We went to the pool a lot. We also went to the beach. Once we saw an old man adjusting his Speedo!  

From Allison: Yesterday my dad rented the dumbest movie called The Big Year.  The movie was about people who wanted to become bird watchers.  My dad laughed at parts of the movie that weren’t even funny.  Right when the movie started everyone thought it was dumb except my dad.  Good thing I only watched a quarter of this movie.  So don’t ever rent this movie because it is a waste of money and because it will bore the heck out of you!

From Paige: Just like will, I was in Florida also. We came back a few days ago and I was very sad to be back! Ok…well..the first day didn’t go so hot. We landed in Fort Lauderdale and our luggage had to be a few hours late. Anyway because of that instead of getting to hotel at like six o’clock, we got to our villas at 11. But the week got better. Lots of swimming at the pool and the beach (and seeing old men in Speedos), feeding dolphins, and jetsking (and by the way I kicked William’s dad’s butt). We also fished at like 11 o’clock at night. And William’s stepmom and I jumped in the lake/canal when it was pitch black at 11 the last night. I also saw stingrays and sharks during the day! Oh ya and I forgot we went to the sea turtle hospital and it was coolJ poor sea turtlesL Oh and we went on a sunset cruise and that was…um..interesting and we went to a restaurant and these creepy old men kept staring at me or Will’s grandma but idk I think it was me cause it was totally obvisous. Ok ya well will and I had a blast and want to go back againJ So anyway I just want to tell you that I LLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVEEEEE ONE DIRECTION!!! My favorite is HarryJ ok byeJ

From Abbey: Today was like Father’s Day to us because my dad got his present. He got a one cup coffee maker. He really liked it. But before that we had to make the  wrapping paper , and it turned out that we didn’t have any so we all had to pitch in to make a really good wrapping paper. It turned out that my dad said that he loved it a lot and he also read all of our comments that we put on it. Today was the best early Fathers day ever!

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