Too many pieces to the puzzle!!!

I woke up this morning and was reminded once again that I completely hit the jackpot when I met and married Brad.  I seriously cannot believe that I am this lucky.  Brad went to work early this morning.  When I woke up later on, I found a card on the table addressed to me.  It was the sweetest card from Brad saying that two years ago today, we were the first couple married in the new church of St. Maximilian.  He said how happy he was to be with me...etc etc.  I won't bore you with the details or make you want to vomit from the lovey dovey stuff.  I was just shocked because we don't celebrate this.  Our wedding anniversary is January 16th.  It was just some random thing he did today.  It completely made my day.

The girls went to their second day of camp.  Abbey was told to bring a cardboard box.  They are building a city and they are literally building it with cardboard boxes.  Allison is designing a dream home and using the Auto Cad software.  I picked Abbey and Allison up at 11:30 and Abbey excited beyond belief with her experience.  She is having a blast building the city.  She was in charge of building the factory (they decided it would be a water bottle factory) and other buildings like the fire house.  She said it was so much fun.  Allison had a good time but was not as excited as Abbey.  She said that she was a little frustrated because she had to ask the teacher a lot of times to help her with the computer program.  I told her it was a million times easier building a house from cardboard than designing one with professional software.  I hope that tomorrow is easier and more fun for her.  

After I picked up the girls, we headed to the 99 cent store for chew toys for Lilly and craft items.  Lilly is completely in the dog house right now with us.  I trusted her to not be in the kitchen (with the baby gate) when I went out for an hour yesterday.  I had a gut feeling that she was restless but did not listen to my gut feeling.  Brad and I talked about buying a  new couch set when we move into our house because the one we have is about ten years old and the dog chewed the back of one of the cushions.  I told Brad that I would save up the money with my paycheck and pay for it.  He didn't want to commit to anything.  Well, Lilly fixed that for us.  She ended up chewing a hole in the FRONT of the couch.  I am going to try and fix it the best I can.  It will definitely be going in the game room.  I actually love our current couches.  They have been VERY good for the past ten years.  We ended up getting lots of fake food for Lilly (steaks, ice cream cone, chicken bone, etc).  The girls picked out some craft stuff and we got a puzzle.  We must be insane because the puzzle is SMALL and has 504 pieces.  That is so weird to me.  Why 504?  Why not 500?  It is not 9:30 and the only person currently working on the puzzle is Brad.  He is very determined.  I became frustrated when the outer edges wasn't put together correctly.  How can you start the middle if the outer stuff isn't complete?  I think we lost a piece or two (I have no idea where they would have gone).  We shall see.  The puzzle is of a beautiful farmhouse.

Cupcake Wars: The girls and I are excited because we sent out an evite to our friends inviting them to a cupcake war next Wednesday.  We are going to do it at Corrin's house since our apartment isn't big enough.  If people chose to participate, they will bring the ingredients to make at least twelve cupcakes.  Later on, we will have judges judging the cupcakes and hot dogs and hamburgers to go along with the day.  We will give three prizes 1) best tasting 2) best decorated 3) most original

The kids will have a week to come up with the cupcake and design that they want to do!!!  It will be so much fun!!!!

Life is good, and God is even better!

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