Paella, it is WHATS FOR DINNER!!!!

Tonight I wanted to cook something different. I decided that Paella sounded good. Sandra Lee had an easy recipie that I tweaked. It was REALLY simple and delicious!!!! You take two boxes of Rice a Roni spanish rice mixes. You cook it on the stove. Instead of water, you pour in two cans of chicken broth. When the rice is made, you add a can of diced tomatoes. I added about a cup of white wine. I then added some shrimp (I bought the peeled ones at Target that you just boil in water....you can't get easiser than that). I added a pack of peas and some parmisian cheese (and salt of course). It was fantastic. I put it in a crock pot to keep warm before I served it. I will definataly be making this again! I served it with French Bread.

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nana said...

I;ve always wanted to eat Paella... Thanks for the recipe!